At Wittur Electric Drives, the production and development departments are under one roof. Both the electromagnetic and the mechanical components of our products are projected and developed by our team of engineers in-house.

This enables us to take customer-specific products from the idea to production readiness in the shortest possible time.

The typical course of a project for the development of customer-specific drive solutions:

  1. Requirements for the project with key technical data
  2. Feasibility study through R&D and concept proposal
    • Motor type, performance data, size
  3. Check by the customer, definition of necessary adjustments
  4. Offer for the production of prototypes, taking into account the design effort and calculation of a target price for series production
  5. Production of prototypes according to the customer's order
  6. Product audit in the Wittur Electric Drives test laboratory
  7. Field test at the customer
  8. Corrections and fine-tuning where necessary
  9. start of production
The close contact to research institutes and universities, as well as the participation in various trade associations enables us to always keep our products up to date.