Business goal

Together to success with inexpensive, technically high-quality motors, in the shortest possible delivery time. The focus of thinking and acting at WITTUR Electric Drives GmbH is the customer. Being successful together is both an obligation and a motivation. The solution to your problem is in the foreground and therefore WITTUR Electric Drives GmbH is also willing to work with you to advance into new areas of application with special developments.

Research and development

Modern methods of magnetic circuit and strength calculation support product development and the CAD work of the engineers. The products of WITTUR Electric Drives GmbH were created in close cooperation with the Technical University of Dresden and other scientific institutions. The special customer requirements for electric drives are demonstrated in the development laboratory and approved together with the customer.

Quality policy

At WITTUR Electric Drives GmbH, drive tasks are processed in direct customer contact by highly qualified workers and engineers. A process-related production control and a 100 % final inspection ensure a high level of quality. The EN ISO 9001:2000 forms the basis of quality management in the company.

Historical background

Electric motors have been built in Saxony for over 100 years. Based on this experience, WITTUR Electric Drives GmbH has been developing and manufacturing servo and main drive motors for many years. Thanks to constant innovation and further development of its products, it is now one of the leading suppliers of servo, special motors and gearless drives.

Product range

The product range of WITTUR Electric Drives GmbH includes both synchronous and asynchronous motors with a power range from 0.2 to 700 kW. These motors have now proven themselves more than 100,000 times worldwide. In a state-of-the-art production facility, we produce effectively, quickly and flexibly according to the wishes of the customer. Thanks to this know-how, WITTUR Electric Drives GmbH can also offer a consistent drive series of gearless machines for use in elevator construction with a payload of 320 kg to 5 t and axle loads of up to 35 t.