Company profile

1983  Foundation of the company as VEM Elektromotorenwerk Dresden-Ost
          (production of d.c. servomotors in large series)
1987  NILES Stellantriebe Dresden (servo-drives) – proximity to customers through integration into
           the machine tool industrial group
1988  Production begins of the DSM 1 asynchronous servomotor series
1990  Restructuring into System Antriebe Dresden GmbH upon acquisition by Autania AG
1991  Reorientation as systemANTRIEBSTECHNIK Dresden GmbH in the European market;
          development and production of the first synchronous a.c. servomotor series (DSM 2)
1993  Certification to DIN EN  ISO 9001
1997  Formation of System Antriebstechnik Dresden GmbH upon change of ownership
1998  Construction of a new, modern production facility in Dresden-Gittersee,
          comprising a more than 4,000 m² manufacturing area
1999  First complete series of gearless lift machines for useful loads from 320 to 5,500 kg
1999  Joins the  WITTUR Group
2003  "witty 2" – lift machines for lift systems not requiring a machine room
2004  Launch of the "speedy 2" series, representing the most advanced generation of servomotors
2005  Presentation of the new "beamer 2" and "servogearless" lift machine series
2007  Changing the company name into WITTUR Electric Drives GmbH
2009  Enhancement of the new "beamer 2" and "servogearless" lift machine series with WSG-S3 and WSG-29
2011  Wittur Electric Drives GmbH introduced the environmental management system ISO 14001
2012  Motor serie WSG-S0 and WSG-25 goes into serial production
2015  The new generation servo motors DYN 8 is launched.