• 1983  Foundation of the company as VEM Elektromotorenwerk Dresden-Ost
    (production of d.c. servomotors in large series)
  • 1987  NILES Stellantriebe Dresden (servo-drives) – proximity to customers through integration into  the machine tool industrial group
  • 1988  Production begins of the DSM 1 asynchronous servomotor series
  • 1990  Restructuring into System Antriebe Dresden GmbH upon acquisition by Autania AG
  • 1991  Reorientation as systemANTRIEBSTECHNIK Dresden GmbH in the European market; development and production of the first synchronous a.c. servomotor series (DSM 2)
  • 1993  Certification to DIN EN  ISO 9001
  • 1997  Formation of System Antriebstechnik Dresden GmbH upon change of ownership
  • 1998  Construction of a new, modern production facility in Dresden-Gittersee, comprising a more than 4,000 m² manufacturing area
  • 1999  First complete series of gearless lift machines for useful loads from 320 to 5,500 kg
  • 1999  Joins the  WITTUR Group
  • 2003  “witty 2” – lift machines for lift systems not requiring a machine room
  • 2004  Launch of the “speedy 2” series, representing the most advanced generation of servomotors
  • 2005  Presentation of the new “beamer 2” and “servogearless” lift machine series
  • 2007  Changing the company name into WITTUR Electric Drives GmbH
  • 2009  Enhancement of the new “beamer 2” and “servogearless” lift machine series with WSG-S3 and WSG-29
  • 2011  Wittur Electric Drives GmbH introduced the environmental management system ISO 14001
  • 2012  Motor serie WSG-S0 and WSG-25 goes into serial production
  • 2015  The new generation servo motors DYN 8 is launched.

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