To reach success for both sides, with advantageous and technically high value motors, in shortest delivery times. For WITTUR Electric Drives GmbH the design process includes the client himself. We are committed to achieving common goals. The solution to your request is of paramount importance, therefore WITTUR Electric Drives GmbH is capable of providing specific development tailored to suit your needs.


Modern methods of magnet circle and solidity calculations assist the product development and CAD works of the engineers. The products of WITTUR Electric Drives GmbH have been created in close cooperation with the Technical University of Dresden and other scientifical institutions. In the development laboratory the specific client requirements for the drives are demonstrated and adopted together with the client.

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For any kind of queries don’t hesitate to call us at +49 (0) 351 40440 or send us a message at We will get back to you as soon as possible.

In WITTUR Electric Drives GmbH all tasks relating to drives are performed by highly qualified engineers and workers, in direct contact to the client. The production control of all processes and a 100 % final control guarantees a high quality standard. EN ISO 9001:2000 is the basis of the quality management in the company.


For more than 100 years motors have been produced in Saxon. With these experiences, WITTUR Electric Drives GmbH has been producing servo and main drive motors. Thanks to permanent innovation and further development of our products, we are today leaders in the offer of servo, special motors and gearless drive units.


The product range of WITTUR Electric Drives GmbH produces synchronous as well as asynchronous motors with performances from 0.2 to 700 kW. Worldwide more than 100,000 motors have been installed. Production takes place in a most modern workshop and is carried out efficiently, rapidly and in a flexible way, as to the requests of our client. Thanks to this know how, WITTUR Electric Drives GmbH is also able to offer a complete range of gearless machines for elevators with a load from 320 kg to 5 tons and axial loads up to 35 tons.